Writing for the product-
Nutanix Microcopy
Everyday challenges with: error messages, onboarding, and content audits
My Role
I am the only (unofficial) UX writer as of now. I work in collaboration with product managers, designers, and developers.

Write multiple rounds of copy to suit the context
Conduct quick A/B tests internally
Create content audit sheets for developers and designers
Collaborate with product managers and developers to get it implemented

Simplify the cloud jargon we have, and help users understand the error messages.
Our flagship tool Prism is a management plane, and error messages form a critical part of the user experience. I make them sound a bit more human, and do not leave our users at a dead-end.
A general thumb rule is "What happened, why it happened and what you can do about it?"
Using metrics to create value
A nifty trick for seeing if your words are simple enough, using the Hemmingway editor app.
Make sure the user knows the action is destructive.
Nobody reads before clicking “I Agree”. This may be very, very destructive when you are handling your data centers.
Making an app blueprint can be hard. Don't let users realize it.
Onboarding can test a user's patience. They want to know why, rather than the how. So maintaining a balance between how and why keeping absolutely the essentials and removing the rest is a challenge I undertook with this one. I worked with a designer on this.
This product has to release next week. Did we spell everything correctly?
I have become the go-to person for last minute checks for wrong grammar, syntax and unpolished language on the interface.
Key Takeaways
You get better at asking the “Whys” Why do we need this copy here? Why can we not try this instead?
Advocating good microcopy. I give mini-presentations whenever possible to the team, leaders, developers. It doesn’t look like there is an immediate mind-shift, but number of requests for content reviews is steadily rising.
Other Projects