Somewhere in between the pandemic, I moved to London, for my dream job at Bumble. Right now, I am working on how can we make the chat experience on our app safe and equitable for all, especially women.

Of course, sometimes I cannot shut up about building digital products, feminism, inclusive design, and random facts about dating apps. Or about how we should read what we like, not we should.

All credits to my mom for making me such a reader, and making me join French classes in high school. This ultimately led to my firm resolve to move abroad for a while. After completing my bachelor’s in design from IIT Guwahati, I worked in Bangalore at Nutanix and then moved to Barcelona to work in one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe, N26.Β All professional titles so far have included the term designer in it.

I have always liked writing, and still do more than ever. I usually write about my life experiences, design, and things I learn at work. I hope you find my writings non-preachy and relatable. πŸ™ˆ


Is this your portfolio website?

No. Like every designer, I have a few webflow drafts and it is a work in progress. If you are looking to hire me, portfolio available on request.

Can you get me free Bumble Premium?

Sadly no. I will let you know if this changes though.πŸ‘€

How did you get a job abroad?

I wrote a complete blog series covering why I moved, how I searched for jobs, how was my experience, and tips and tricks. You can read it here.

I am just starting out/moving to design. What courses/books will you recommend?

I would love to write a blog on this, and will very soon. Meanwhile, Femke has curated an amazing list, do check it out.

Can we jump on a quick call?

Like my friend Candi said on Twitter, I am all jumped out. Sorry.Β 

If you have a question, I would have most likely written about it. I plan to do regular QnAs on my page and try to answer most of my DMs. I would love to chat and get to know each other. It’s just that I need to keep my mental health first and stay away from screens when I can. Hope you understand.πŸ’›

If you are looking for personalized advice, I will soon build that into my calendar. Check this space later.

What’s the best way to reach you?

Right now, really enjoying my time on the gram. So drop me a DM on Instagram, or LinkedIn if it’s work-related.

What’s next?

Mostly writing, and designing, and writing about writing and designing.