👋 Hey there - I'm Chhavi

🚧 Disclaimer: This page is a work-in-progress, just like I am. But no seriously, I am adding a few more stories about me in here soon. But a few quick things since you're here!

🚀 Shipping banking features - discovering, learning, designing - takes most of my time.
📊 I am learning a lot about metrics, daata, and SQL these days.
🙆‍♀️ My ambitious goal is to do a headstand.
😷 Pandemic update: Advocate of #WearAMask, #StayAtHome
✌️I try and tweet often - getting there.

Focused on fine-tuning my craft, be it visual design, systems thinking, or communicating my designs - I aim to deliver clean, simple designs with high attention to details. I consider writing, eagerness to take on initiatives, and ability to sleep on flights my superpowers.

"Chhavi understands how to balance the needs of existing users and new users. Her interactions with our community have been exemplary; she has learned the tools needed to flow with our community." - Robert Kaye, Founder of MetaBrainz Organization
I consider myself a product of people I have met and talked with, places I have been, and books I have read. So it goes without saying, I would love to know you. Maybe DM me on Twitter, or drop me a good old school email at chhavi.gshrivastava@gmail.com!

Looking forward to finding you in my inbox. Chhavi :)