Making Polling Booths Accessible UX Designer Kamrup Disability Assistance Center was set up during the state elections 2016 (March-April’16) in the Kamrup district of Assam to make the polling stations accessible for the differently abled.
As a volunteer UX designer, my responsibilities were user research and field studies, analyse the needs and requirements to make a polling booth accessible, brainstorm effective ways to implement the plans, visual design (logo, posters, brochures, training material, etc) and creating awareness about this initiative. A few glimpses of the project This was one of the projects where I learned how big an impact design can create on the community. I learned to create solutions that are desirable to the community, then to home in on what is technically feasible and then to make it financially viable. It was great learning experience to work within time constraints in the real world, while also trying to get hold of the management skills required to pull through a design project. Would love to chat more about it, drop by :)
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