Fractal Ink Design Studio UX Internship Former empanelled design partners for Microsoft, FIDS is one of the leading design studios of India. Based in the bustling city of Mumbai, I was a summer intern here after my sophomore year. Some of the client projects that I had the privilege to work on
DISCLAIMER : The design process and the visual designs are bound under Non-Disclosure Agreement, but the amazing stories, memories and learnings aren’t. Scroll down for a few of them :) User jouneys for on field agents, supervisors and customers buying various products were designed. One such user journey was as follows. By being a part of this project, I learned the importance of applying the follwing to any interface design.

All the projects I worked on had tight deadlines which included several iterations based on the continuous feedback by the client. Apart from all this, I also took part in a few hackathons and workshops, organized as a weekly routine of the studio. Sharing food and free font resources over countless teas, lounging on bean bags and blogging while the Mumbai rains dribbled across the windows in all it’s glory, spending summers learning and growing couldn’t have been better. :)
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